Chapter 18: The Big Day!

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*thinks to self* The day is finally here. The day that I have been putting off for four years now is finally here. The day where I find out if I get to keep my girls or if they go to their father.


Ana- Mommy. It will be okay. Daddy won’t win. Don’t worry. I love you.

I know baby but I just hope that the judge is someone that has senses and a heart. Come on lets go.

Ana- Okay mommy.


Mayra Lawyer- Okay remember Mayra, if his lawyer is talking and is saying something that is not right or we don’t like, don’t yell out or show anger so that it won’t look bad on us.

I won’t. But please, I beg of you, please save my daughters for me. They mean the world to me.

Mayra lawyer- I will try my best but as it is now, we have the upper hand.


*thinks to self* Oh look its Jarvis. And is that Carolyn?! Wow she is a red head now. Bu what is she wearing?

Jarvis- Wow Mayra. You looking really pretty today.

I think you are complimenting the wrong woman. Your whore Carolyn is over there.

Jarvis- There is that sense of humor that I love. But she is nothing like you, she is lazy and all she wants to do is shop and go clubbing.

Why are you telling me this? I wasn’t the one who was on top of her and decided to wife her up. I hope you two will live together forever.

Jarvis- Oh Mayra. When did you get so cold towards me?

The day you broke my heart and want to take my kids away from me!


Jarvis- Hey they are my kids too!

Not because you want them to be. Remember that day I told you I was pregnant with Cassie. Did you care? No. So if you don’t care about them then why try to take them away from me Jarvis, Why?

Jarvis- Because I love to see you hurt.

So that is why you want to take my girls. Funny. But do you think if you get them if they will like staying there? Remember last Friday you promised Ana that you would take her bowling? She waited all night for you, you never came, you didn’t even call.

Jarvis- Carolyn and I had a date. But that is a first.

BULLSHIT Jarvis! You have disappointed that child so much that she doesn’t even care anymore. Now lets see how long she will want to stay under your roof when you give her no attention.

Jarvis- I want to talk to her.

Fine. Ana, your father wants to talk to you.


Ana- What do you want? To apology? Well to save both my and your time I don’t accept. because that is what my life consists of from you. Plans that get canceled followed by apologies that you don’t even mean! So why say it?

Jarvis- Ana Calm down. Look. How about later I take you out for ice cream.

Ana- I rather watch a marathon of Spongebob than go out with you. I hope this judge grants mommy all custody! Because I hate you!

Jarvis- Ana, you know you don’t mean that.

Ana- I do! I know you hate mommy! If you didn’t why would you do this to her, huh? Try to take me and Cassie away from her when you know you could care less about us!

Jarvis- You know I care about you and your sister.

Ana- Then why did you cheat? Why did you hurt mommy? Why weren’t you there for us!

Judge- Case 5221 about the custody of Anastasia and Cassidy-Rose Jacques is now in session!

Come on Ana lets go.


Okay Ana. Sit here with Carolyn okay.

Ana- But I don’t like her.

Its okay baby, no one does but you have to sit there okay.

Ana- Okay mommy. Win this case for me and Cassie.


I will baby. I will try my best to win this for you two.

Carolyn- Can’t wait to raise your rugrats  as my own.

I think your thong is up your ass just a tad bit far cause I am sure that you will not be raising my daughters.


Judge Johnson- Good morning everyone. This case of 7 year old Anastasia Jacques and 4 year old Cassidy-Rose Jacques. Right as now they are in custody of their mother, Mayra Dowling. Wow Ms. Dowling, you changed your name back the first chance you got, and their father wants full custody of both girls. Why does Mr. Jacques want custody of the two girls?


Jarvis Lawyer- Well your honor, Mr. Jacques think that his daughters will be in better care if they had both a mother figure and father figure instead of just a mother.

Judge Johnson- Oh really. I am looking at this Carolyn records. She is not mother figure and plus she also did seduce mister Jacques 4 years ago while he was still married to Ms. Dowling. Also she is Ms. Dowling’s little sister am I right?

Jarvis Lawyer- Yes your honor, you are right.

Judge Johnson- She also has a mighty record here. She has been arrested 5 times for prostitution in the state of Alabama, 3 times for having drugs and 2 times for assault. Wow. Please tell me how these two young ladies are going to look up to this woman, this ex convict, this druggie.

Jarvis Lawyer- But your honor, Carolyn has been clean for four years.

Judge Johnson- Does she have a job?

Jarvis Lawyer- No your honor she does not.

Judge Johnson- And why not. If the girl has been clean for four years why hasn’t she gotten a job yet?

Jarvis Lawyer- She is a housewife your honor.

Judge Johnson- House wife? ha. That little posh girl over there is a housewife? What can she clean? You could have fooled me. So both parents are writers I see. Ms. Dowling why would you like to keep custody of your daughters?


Mayra Lawyer- Well your honor. Ms. Dowling loves her daughters very much and they mean the world to her. I have spent a few days with Ms. Dowling observing how she behaves around her daughters and how she treats them. There is a sparkle in her eyes when she is around them, its like they are the reason why she wakes up every morning and the reason why she smiles.

Judge Johnson- I know that sparkle that you are talking about. I have that same sparkle in my eyes for my kids. But they are now all at college. Does Ms. Dowling allow her daughters to visit and see their father?

Mayra Lawyer- Yes your honor. But Mr. Jacques stands up the kids. Last week Friday he promised little Ana that he would take her out bowling and he never came and never called to say why.

Judge Johnson- Has this happened before?

Mayra Lawyer- Oh yes your honor. Every time he stood up the girls, Ms. Dowling calls me and I record it. I have the sheet here. For this past year, so far, Mr. Jacques has made plans with his daughters 35 times and only fulfilled them 9.

Judge Johnson-  You are very wicked Mr. Jacques!

Jarvis Judge- But your honor I can expl-

Judge Johnson- Save it! Mr. Jacques. I don’t even know why you bothered filling this lawsuit against your ex-wife, trying to get custody of your daughters. But I will have my final answer after this 10 minute recess.


Ana- Oh mommy! I think we won! I think we won!

I know baby, I just hope that we won.

Ana- Mommy you know that we won! WE WON YEAAA!

If we win then I will take you out to dinner.

Ana- Can we go to Red Lobster?

Any where you want.

Ana- yay!!

Judge Johnson- Ms. Dowling, and Mr. Jacques please return to the court room.

Okay baby. I will be right back.


Judge Johnson- Mr. Jacques. Before you ever want to file custody for anyone please check yourself I mean you only took your daughters out 9 times this year and its August. Well with this system that I came up with, you will have to take your daughters out every weekend or you go to jail. You will also have to pay Ms. Dowling $10,000 every month at the end of the month for both girls. If you fail to provide the money we will have you arrested. You aren’t allow to leave the city with the girls without their mother or her consent. Also Ms. Dowling I forgot to tell you. You get to keep your darlings. I could never take them away because I am a mother myself and I know when a mother will do anything for her kids.




You are staying with mommy Ana. Both you and Cassie. You girls aren’t going anywhere!

Ana- I told you mommy. Now lets go to Red Lobster!


Carolyn- You think this is over? This is just the beginning!

Please Carolyn. Your threats don’t mean anything to me. You can’t ruin my mood because I am keeping my girls. So excuse me while I take my baby to Red Lobster.


Yay!!!! Mayra gets to keep the girls!




Chapter 17: Life Changing Moments

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Dr Emerson- Good Morning Mayra. My name is Dr. Emerson.

Hello doctor.

Dr. Emerson- Is this your first abortion?


Dr. Emerson- Do you have any kids?


Dr. Emerson- Do you plan on having anymore kids?

I am not sure.

Dr. Emerson- Okay. Let me go get my tools and we can begin.


Wait Dr. Emerson.

Dr. Emerson- Yes Mayra.

Will it hurt?

Dr. Emerson- Of course not! All you will feel is a pinch and then you will go numb.

Have you ever have any sort of malfunctions Dr. Emerson?

Dr. Emerson- No I have not but never say never right? *chuckles*


Dr. Emerson- I am sorry. I just thought that would calm you down.

Well it didn’t!

Dr. Emerson- Look Mayra. Everything will be just fine. Trust me, I do this everyday!  Now let me go get my tools.



Doctor. Can you tell me everything that you are doing?

Dr. Emerson- Mayra can you please calm down. Everything will be okay.

I want you to tell me what you are doing!

Dr. Emerson- *rolls eyes* Just think about your family and this will be all over okay. *jabs clam in*



Dr. Emerson- Mayra. Lay back down and let me finish this process. You are just in shock from the clam.

That clam made me realize that I am making a mistake. Rachel was right. This baby is a miracle.

Dr. Emerson- I could really care less about your personal life but its either I abort your baby or you get out of my firm and YOU MUST PAY FOR WASTING MY TIME!

Fine. Take your money. I wouldn’t want you to abort my baby anyways with that attitude!

Dr. Emerson- Get out of my firm!




Oh Rachel I hope that you will forgive me. *knocks on door*


Rachel look, I was really stupid yesterday. I wasn’t thinking clearly. I was just so angry. Angry about the fact that I was pregnant and alone and I knew that the only person who I could blame other than myself was this baby. When I was laying on that table I really thought why was I doing this. And you are right. This baby, this life growing inside of me is a miracle and this baby will lighten up my whole world. So thank you for talking to me the way you did because that whole time on the table all I could see was you. I am really glad for a best friend like you Rachel.


Rachel- I knew you would come to your sense Mayra. Its okay. I am just happy that you didn’t abort that baby. Trust me Mayra even though times will be tough you will be proud of your kids and they will love you no matter what.


Rachel- Come here! Sometimes I want to kill you, like yesterday.  But no matter what I love you sister from another mother and father. We have been through thick and thin and we always come back up so you will come back up after this. Trust me.

Thank you Rachel. But I will be getting home now. I just want to cuddle up with Ana and sleep.

Rachel- Okay. Call me if you need anything.




Oh Hay! Look who it is guys! Its Cassidy-Rose Jacques! Yeah. Mayra had another girl. My game was acting  glitchy so I didn’t get any pictures of the birth but its Cassie guys! Also the next chapter is four years later. The day of the Trial to see who gets custody of the girls. Ana is now 7 years old, Cassie is 4 years old, Rachel and Mayra are 31 years old. Rachel oldest daughter Brittany is 15 years old and Adriana is 9 years old. Oh and Jarvis is 33 and Carolyn is 28. Yupp :3




Chapter 16: Confusion

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I tested positive.

Rachel- So. You’re pregnant?

I guess so. This poor baby is going to be born into a unfair life.

Rachel- I know Mayra but maybe this baby is a miracle in your life.

Really? I think this baby is a sin that will remind me of its evil father and how stupid I was to let that homewrecker into my home!

Rachel- Don’t say that Mayra! Babies are innocent human beings who are looking for nothing but someone to love them.

Yea right. This baby is going to be born into a struggle. I bet now when Jarvis finds out he will want both the kids.


Rachel- That may be true Mayra. But don’t blame what happen on this baby! How could a fetus be responsible for your problems?

But why get pregnant now! Look at all those times we tried and NOTHING! WHY NOW! WHY WHEN I AM ALONE!

Rachel- You are NOT alone Mayra! I am here for you, Ana is here for you! You don’t need a man in your life to raise a baby! A man is just a extra prize. You know how many single mothers there are out in this world? And let me tell you something its hard yes but most of the time these women kids come out on top so who cares if Jarvis isn’t here to help you raise Ana and this baby? You have a stable writing career and a lovely already paid for home.

You make all of this seem easy.

Rachel- Who said it was easy? There will be days where all you want to do is crawl into a ball and cry and there will be days where you can smile and say I did a good job. So no being a single mom is not easy but trust me the smiles on those kids face will let you know that you are trying and thats all that matters.

You know what Rachel. You’re right! I am going to call Jarvis and tell him I am pregnant!


Hello Jarvis?

Carolyn- Who is calling?

Its Mayra.

Carolyn- Give it up sis. He doesn’t want you. Haha

Who said I wanted him. I need to talk to him, its important.

Carolyn- Fine. Hold on.

Wait. Just remember, you’re sloppy seconds.

Carolyn- Hmpf


Jarvis. I have to tell you something really important.

Jarvis- What is it Mayra?

Jarvis. I am pregnant.

Jarvis- Well congrats. Whose the father.

You’re the father you pig! I’m not like you who steps out on my marriage!

Jarvis- Hey! Don’t call me a pig bitch!

Excuse me? I’m just letting you know that you are having another child asshole! Good bye!


Jarvis- Wait just a second before you hang up!


Jarvis- You should be getting a letter in the week. Its the divorce papers. I also am filling for custody of Ana and I will be updating it to get custody of this new baby oh yeah and the house for me and Carolyn, this shack isn’t her taste.

Go to hell Jarvis! What judge will approve your request! You want to keep my kids in the hands of a crack head prostitute!

Jarvis- She is an ex and they are my kids too.

Now because you want them to be but because you want something over me *hangs up phone*


Rachel- So?

Well he doesn’t really want the baby but he wants to take both the new baby and Ana AND the house away from me and give it to that BITCH!

Rachel- Oh my gosh! No way!

Why does Jarvis want to take away my life? He can have the house but why take my kids as if he really wants them. That bitch Carolyn is putting evil things into his mind.

Rachel- Don’t worry Mayra. We both know that if the kids are going to live with Jarvis and Carolyn they are going to have to do background checks on the both of them to see if they have any past records that could jeopardize the kids safety.

I know that’s true but I just can’t believe Jarvis is being so wicked! I never knew he had this side of him. Its like he isn’t the man I fell in love with 3 years ago.

Rachel- Let me give you a hug.


Rachel- Its okay. I am here for you Mayra. And I am sure he won’t get your kids.

I know its just so. so. so. unreal. the way how Jarvis is behaving.


You know what Rachel. I really don’t think this baby should be born into this world.

Rachel- What are you trying to say Mayra?

I think I am going to have an abortion before this baby grows anymore. I don’t want Jarvis to have both my kids.



Why not Rachel? This isn’t YOUR body! YOU don’t have to carry this baby I do! YOU don’t have to bring this baby into a fatherless world, I DO! I have to be the one who has to tell my baby why mommy and daddy aren’t together and WHO took daddy from mommy!

Rachel- Do you hear your self right now? I carried two kids before! Abortion was forced upon me and did I give into it?! NO I carried my baby and I didn’t let anyone tell me different! Now you have to tell Ana the situation so why can’t you tell both of them? Don’t you DARE blame this baby for the shit that you are going through. You are scared to blame this on you so you blame it on a innocent life. Get your shit together Mayra. Don’t let this man or whore run your life and make you scared out of your own skin!


Thanks for that speech Rachel. But  I will need a babysitter for tomorrow while I get this done, so can you watch Ana for me please?

Rachel- Are you serious right now? You sick bitch! You really want to kill this baby? If you do I hope it haunts you to DEATH! I also hope later down in life you regret laying on that table and allowing that doctor to end an innocent life! I am out and DON’T CALL me crying because I am done with your dumb ass. Cause you aren’t the Mayra that I knew, you never gave up so easy. But have fun I also hope Jarvis wins Ana and your life comes crumbling down. I am sorry if I sound evil but thats life and I am here to help you out but all you are doing is blaming this poor baby for something it doesn’t have control of but if you just had listened to me or your gut and made her move out. Come on Adriana!

Rachel! Is that a no to babysitting Ana then?


Hi. I am looking for a nanny for about 8 hours tomorrow. Yes. The Address is 888 NE Rivers Rd okay. Thank you see you then.


Look baby. Mommy just has to do this. I am so sorry. I know you don’t know why I am doing this to you and it isn’t your fault but mommy just can’t handle having another baby right now.


Good bye mommy’s baby. You will be in a better place. When you see your grandparents. Tell them I am so sorry but I had to.


Hello. My name is Mayra Dowling. I have an appointment for an abortion.

Lady- Oh yes. I found you right here Ms. Dowling. Have a seat the Dr. will soon be ready for you, take a seat.

Okay. Thanks.


*Thinks to self* Am I doing the right thing? Was Rachel right? Am I really going to lose my bestfriend over something like this? But I don’t want my baby to have a hard life. Oh God am I doing the right thing?


Lady- Ms. Dowling. Dr Emerson is ready for you. Just go into that room and change into a dress so that the process can begin. Good luck.

Thank you.


Okay Mayra. This is it!


Well. How did you guys like it? I might upload the other chapter tomorrow 😀

Characters New Look!

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First up the is Beautiful Mayra!









































(Sorry for all the terrible Pictures but I was lazy to actually let them pose)


Up next is the wonderful Rachel!!




(Please ignore Mayra, I have no pictures of old Rachel alone)





She cute tho :3


Next is Jarvis. He only has new clothes so not much difference







Carolyn kind of changed his closet with all the money he has given her “Turned a town ho into a housewife….. shame”


Up next is the cutie pie we all know, ANA!



Look at that cutie!

And After!



In my author like world she is 3 and I will soon grow her up 😀 hehehe :3 But after the Trial yeah I hinted you guys to something! ;3


And Last but not least all of our favorite Character and we all know and love her, CAROLYN!




Who remembers what she was doing in this picture?




Yes guys that is Carolyn! With a new hair color and EVERYTHING I mean if you are now a housewife you gotta look brand new right? But if you had guessed to the last picture that she was listening in on Mayra and Jarvis conversation then you were CORRECT!


Now Out of All The New Makeovers its time to Pick whose was your favorite and who is your least 


Also Guys I will either have a chapter out THIS Sunday or NEXT Sunday because I have been very bored this weekend so keep an eye out because we will be finding out interesting things and true  colors will be exposed! Whoop!




More Chapters Coming Soon!!! WHOO

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Hey Guys, Its Lola here. I know you all are begging for chapter 16 but don’t worry it is very near! I will be releasing Chapter 16 on JUNE 9TH! Yes I know that is far but I will be free from school which means a chapter every week! And I have so much prepared for you all. Also I will be tweaking up some but not all the characters. So Mayra, Rachel, Carolyn, Maybe Jarvis and Ana will have a new look. I will upload a post of their new look before I release the new chapter. So prepare for June guys because Mayra Story will be coming back! WHOO!


Chapter 15: Betrayal

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*Hi Guys! Sorry for taking SO long, I hope that my laptop will hang in until my new one comes in, If it comes in :-/ But I got a chapter in! Whoo*



Rachel- Good Morning sleeping beauty!

Good Morning Rachel, how did you sleep last night?

Rachel- Pretty good, but I wish I was next to my hubby but whatever.

You know you could have went home, you asked to stay.

Rachel- I know! I ain’t complaining!

I thought so!


Rachel- So I have an idea.

What’s your idea Rachel?

Rachel- How about me, you and the girls go to the park today! Just me you and our little babies!

That sounds nice, it looks nice outside today too. Sure. Why not. Let me just grab my keys and tell Jarvis.

Rachel- Okay Let me go get Adriana and I’ll meet you in the car.




Jarvis- Good morning you two. Hi Ana did mommy and daddy keep you up last night?

Ana- Can you not -_-

Jarvis, Rachel and I are taking the girls to the park today since its a lovely day outside and we don’t want to miss out on it.

Jarvis- Okay. Be careful. I love you both

Ana- I wuve you daddy

We won’t be back til late. okay.

Jarvis- Okay.



I can’t believe how heavy traffic was!

Rachel- I know. That accident was pretty intense. The police officer said there might be two fatalities.

Oh my gosh! I think there was no point in us coming then cause its already late, and Ana hasn’t had her afternoon nap today.

Rachel- Do you want me to drop you back home and we can do this another day?

I guess cause its getting pretty chilly.

Rachel- Okay lets go.



Thanks for taking us out Rach, even though we didn’t really hang out that much today.

Rachel- You’re welcome Mayra! Anything. Just remember I’m a phone call away. So anything just call me. Sisters for life.

Yea. Sisters for life.


Jarvis! We are home!


Go play with your toys Ana. Mommy is going to look for daddy.

Ana- Ok mommy.

Jarvis! Where are you? Carolyn!


Jarvis? Are you out here?

*In my head* Where the hell could Jarvis be, his car is here. I wonder if Carolyn is here. Let me check upstairs


Jarvis are you here?

*Hears sounds*

*in my head* Okay So someone is here.



*Hears sounds again*

*in head* That sounds like a female is moaning.*

Hello is somebody here?


Carolyn- Moans

Male voice- Werk it! *Okay maybe he didn’t say that :P* – Come on, You’re almost there

Why does that male voice sound like someone I know?


Carolyn- Moans

Excuse me, but I’m I interrupting anything?

Jarvis- MAYRA! This isn’t what it looks like! You’re home early.

*Here comes all the curse words! continue at your own risk!*

Bullshit Jarvis! Then what does it look like? You giving her a orgasm lesson?


Jarvis I can’t believe you would do this to me! I’m even mad that you lowered your standards to a Prostitute!

Carolyn- Who the hell are you calling a Prostitute?

Shut up bitch! I’m not ready for you yet!

Jarvis- I’m sorry Mayra. It just happened!

Its just happened? Really? REALLY! So you and her in her bedroom just happened and you shoving your penis into her vagina just happened right yeah. I bet it wasn’t hard finding where to put it since its so wide! You both make me sick.


*I’m mad at how Jarvis face is, “yeah bitches fighting over me who cares I’m hot… Back to le story”

I bet you are damn happy that this went just how you planned huh?! I bet you real happy! Is this the thanks I get? I paid 5 thousands dollars to bail your ass out of prison and you turn around and screw my husband! I should have listened when people told me your were a bag of trouble! I see why my daddy didn’t want to claim you and your mama’s hoe asses! You both just home wreckers! You ain’t happy til a home is unhappy and you got a man under your lap well guess what honey you can have him, keep him too I don’t care! If I wanted to be like you, don’t you think I could’ve slept with any guy I wanted to? Yeah I could have slept with all the guys that made a pass at me but I have to live up to a standard. I’m not living for myself anymore I’m living for my daughter and thanks to your slutty ass my daughter won’t have her father in her life.


Carolyn- You done? Well the reason why your HUSBAND is under my lap is because I give it to him way better than you ever could! My mom was right! You and your mama act like you both so pris and the best but who would have known that its your men that leave you for another woman who can treat them better! Ha don’t have your mom to cry on her shoulder! My mom should have killed her when she had the chance but she knew she would have to raise a spoiled little brat.


Bitch! You are in no form to be talking about MY mom! Please look at your doped up on Drugs mama. hmm how many times did she beat you when she was high? Huh or how many times did she trade you as a sex slay for drugs? Is this why you became a prostitute? Because you mom basically gave you to any random drug dealer so that she could have her stack? Yeah I found out.

Carolyn- You don’t know nothing about me! So what my life wasn’t as easy as your life! I didn’t get a sliver spoon in my mouth!

How about this both of you! You both have 10 minutes to pack your shit and get the hell out of my house before I burn your shit!


Jarvis. I gave you 3 years! 3 years of my life! And you do this to me! I thought you were above cheating but I guess you aren’t and for the past weeks of you sticking up for this slut is because you have been screwing her! I better hope you didn’t give me ANYTHING that she has! So please be prepared when you get a call from my lawyer saying that you have a court date for our upcoming divorce. now get your shit and get out my house! NOW!

Jarvis- Baby lets talk this out. Come on this can work.

No Jarvis it can’t. I trusted you. I really did but I don’t think I ever can trust you! Now get out my house before I call the damn cops!


*sobs* I can’t believe this is all happening to me. I need to call Rachel, I can only be so tough for so long.


*Please don’t mind the blue smoke, zombies be popping up too much in this game -_-*

Rachel, *Sniffs* How fast can you get over here? We have a major problem. I just caught Jarvis sleeping with Carolyn.


*Damn Rachel you got here pretty fast.*

Rachel- You thought you were going to leave and NOT get an ass beating? Honey you don’t know who you messed with. But you messed with my sister, my best friend, my other half. You should have kept your ass in that jail cell in Riverview. But you didn’t so its your time.

Carolyn- Please. you’re the one who is going to get the ass beating.

Rachel- I hope you do know that fighting doesn’t have nothing to do with having your legs open so therefore you can’t use your specialty.

Carolyn- You know what I’m about sick and TIRED of you and that no for good heifer Mayra calling me a prostitute and whore!

Rachel- Well honey you can’t deny what you do best at!


Rachel- If you ever think about coming back to see Mayra again think about this  beating that you are getting and the next time instead of my hands! It would be a knife cutting into your skin you dirty hoe!

Carolyn- Get off of me!


Rachel- Now go! Anywhere I don’t care just stay away from my bestfriend and her family!

Carolyn- What family? I took that family away from her!

Rachel- Bitch she doesn’t need a man to have a family! You damn home wrecker that’s all you home wreckers do think you mash up someone’s home when you really didn’t! Leave this lot now!


Carolyn- This isn’t the last of what you heard from me you nasty whore bag!

Rachel- Just shut up and keep running! You might find a new dick to sit on while you running!


Rachel- Are you okay Mayra?

Yeah. I’m okay. Just really shocked you know, of all people he’d cheat on me with.

Rachel- you know what. That’s all whatever its best that you found out now than later cause she and him screwing each other unprotected  could have given you something but lets just be happy you found out early.

Yeah that’s true.


Jarvis- Look Mayra. I think you are overreacting. I mean think about Ana. She needs her daddy in her life. Why would you want Ana to grow up without her father?

Excuse me? Are you telling ME to think about Ana? You weren’t thinking about Ana when you were on top off Carolyn now were you? But when you get caught and you know you about to lose your family you gonna say think about Ana? No move away from me with your shit!

Jarvis- Okay. Watch I’m going to file for Ana in court and lets see whose going to get custody of her.


Rachel- Shut your shit up Jarvis! Who are you scaring with all this custody shit? You scaring yourself! You damn well know that any judge with 2 cents in their head is going to leave Ana with her mother since she will be in a more stable home and won’t be exposed to no damn drug addicted prostitute! Now you think about that! You think your words can scare anyone? No you acting all big and buff cause you think you can talk your way out of trouble. No Just leave now before I make you myself. You put Mayra through so much already! With your long dick trying to get in every girl’s panties!

Jarvis- Are you going to let her talk to me like that Mayra?

Get out. Get out of my house now! And you can keep your keys too cause they won’t even be able to open any doors around here.

Ana- Bye daddy.


Rachel- I’m proud of you Mayra. Usually you would have broken down crying by now but you kept your mean face and you showed them who is boss!

Thanks Rachel. I still can’t put all of this into my head. I mean Jarvis told me, he isn’t the cheating type and he hates to be cheated on.

Rachel- That goes to show you how hard that girl provoked him and tempted him. I told you from the start she is only here for one reason and that is to cause trouble.

I know. I should’ve listened! To both you and Ms. Spenster!

Rachel- Mayra please don’t beat yourself over this. You didn’t know anything like this would happen no body did.

I know but, how am I going to raise Ana alone? I’m not fit to be a single mom!

Rachel- You can do it Mayra! Trust me! You just have to believe and you will do it.


Oh my gosh my stomach feels really mucky. I think I need to throw up



*Throws up*


Hi Guys! Okay sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry! For that really long wait! But I finally did it! I completed the 15th Chapter! Yepp! The one everyone has been begging for is finally here! Whoo! Well I have two very amusing pictures that I took and found pretty funny.



Mayra- What am I supposed to be doing again?

Me- You are supposed to be rude to Jarvis and Carolyn… Oh and slap Carolyn too.

Mayra- OH. Okay.


When I made Carolyn run away from the house I kinda just left her on the sidewalk until I was done taking pictures and then it started to hail so I was like hmm lets go see how Carolyn is handling the hail….. Pay back is a bitch ain’t it Carolyn?





Sorry Guys!

Published November 22, 2012 by mandya1

I’m so sorry that I haven’t been updating lately. I had a lot of mid term tests to do and I have been so busy. I promise to do another chapter by Tuesday! I thank you all for being patient and I hope you all understand 😀 For all my readers that are in America have a lovely Turkey day and be safe <33 I also bought Seasons so you know I was experimenting with the new expansion pack. So you will be seeing items from Seasons and of course WEATHER! So for a thanksgiving gift here is a preview of what will happen in chapter 15.


Thanks for taking me and Ana to the park Rachel. I really needed to get out of the house.

Rachel- No Problem Mayra. We just need a night out where its just me and you and no kids.

We do. Well I can surprise Jarvis since he isn’t excepting me for hours, we can talk you know.

Rachel- Yeah. Well bye girl, call me okay. Okay I will.


When I got inside the house it was quieter than it usually is. Carolyn isn’t watching t.v. and Jarvis isn’t on his laptop typing away on his laptop. I put Ana on the floor and watched her scurry towards her toy box. Something about this silence sent chills up my back. I searched the first floor but no one was there. Jarvis’s car was in the garage but where was he? I slowly tip toed up the stairs hoping that there wasn’t an intruder in the house. When I was on the 2nd floor in the house, I could hear noises coming from Carolyn’s room. Once I got closer the sounds became clearer, they were moaning sounds. I put my ears to the door and I could hear Carolyn moaning, and a male’s voice  I pushed the door open, my eyes suddenly gotten wide from what I witness.


Well. There you guys go! Most of you know what Mayra just witnessed. I will try to get the chapter out fast guys 🙂 Have a Great Day